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Ezi-Melt is a conveniently packaged, non-staining gritting salt for use on snow and ice. Sprinkle it onto icy paths, steps and driveways to prevent unneccessary accidents.

Gritting salt for icy and snowy weather
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Ezi-Melt is available in 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg packs
Ezi-Melt dispenser with handy 2-way lid A range of clean, manageable pack sizes means anyone can use Ezi-Melt to defrost steps, paths and driveways.

What is Ezi-Melt?

Snow and ice come every year. And every year they cause chaos.

At best wintery weather is inconvenient, but often there's a real danger - of sustaining an injury on slippery steps, paths and driveways, or damaging your vehicle by skidding on ice - even a low speed incident on your driveway can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The onset of snow can cause difficulty getting into work and also getting home again if you're out when the snow starts to fall.


Did you know that you can now buy a clean, natural gritting salt in a handy-sized container?

Ezi-Melt is a highly effective, salt-based path and driveway defroster that has been specifically formulated and packaged for ease of use.


You won't have to lug a heavy sack of grit around because Ezi-Melt comes in easy-to-manage 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg plastic containers.

The flip-and-pour lid mechanism allows you to easily apply Ezi-Melt gritting salt directly from the container, then re-seal for later use.

The sealed container can be placed in cupboards, outbuildings or sheds for clean, secure storage.


Unlike standard road grit, Ezi-Melt is clean and contains no impurities, so you can shake it onto tiles and paving slabs and it will leave no residue once the snow and ice leave.

  • Stay safe from injury on slippery paths and driveways.
  • Get to work or out to the shops, even on snowy
    and icy days.
  • Avoid getting stuck in icy car parks when you're
    out and about.

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