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Ezi-Melt is the only conveniently packaged, non-staining gritting salt for use at home and office. With a clever range of POS options for in-store appeal, it will be selling like hotcakes this winter...

Gritting salt for icy and snowy weather
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Ezi-Melt is available in 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg packs
Three consumer friendly pack
sizes are available: 1kg, 2kg
and 6.5kg.


6x2kg counter-top unit.
90x2kg free standing POS unit.

Car Kit Box


Ezi-Melt Car Kit.

Retailing Ezi-Melt

This year's long-range weather forecast is predicting more snow chaos, along similar lines to the last two years, with plenty of snow and frost. And for southern counties of England and Wales, it's coming early again...

Ezi-Melt is currently the only product available on the market that has been specially packaged in clean, easy-to-use, handy-size, re-sealable containers for domestic use. This makes it so much easier to apply than product packed in sacks and bags.

Major retailers have already acknowledged that Ezi-Melt is going to sell like hotcakes, and listed it in high volumes for this winter.


In addition to the three handy size jars for home and office, Ezi-Melt is now also available as a handy car kit to keep motorists going in tough conditions.


With clear, vibrant branding and three customer-friendly pack sizes (1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg), Ezi-Melt is already destined to be flying off the shelves this winter.

To add to its in-store presence and appeal, we have also developed two merchandising units for the most popular sized jar, the 2kg pack.

There's a handy, tear-off 6x2kg counter-top pack, and a larger, free-standing merchandising unit that holds any of the three pack sizes: 140x1Kg, 72x2Kg or 27x6.5Kg.


During last year's snowy weather, large retailers completely sold out of domestic table salt within days of the bad weather arriving. To make sure you have adequate stock of Ezi-Melt to keep your customers happy, we recommend ordering now to make sure you can meet demand when the weather turns.


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