Ezi-Melt is an Oval brand
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Ezi-Melt is just one of a whole range of simple, useful, innovative products for use around the home or office that Oval Products brings to your local retailers.

Ezi-Melt driveway salt for icy and snowy weather
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Grant Lloyd, Oval Products Managing Director
  Above: Grant Lloyd

Oval Products

In late 2009, a gap in the market was identified for handy-sized packs of salt to de-ice steps and paths around the home and office. After sourcing a natural, environmentally-friendly gritting salt from a sustainable resource, a distributor was appointed to trial the product in the UK.

The hard winter of 2010/11 proved a highly successful trial period for Ezi-Melt with the initial production run being sold into stores before the first container had even been filled.

In April 2011 Oval Products Ltd was formed to market and distribute Ezi-Melt, with the long-term strategic intention of bringing a whole range of simple, useful, innovative, everyday products to British consumers.

Today, Oval Products is a successful, multi-brand organisation. Managing Director Grant Lloyd, whose previous experience includes international companies such as Wiggins Teape and Huhtamaki, continues to energetically expand Oval Products' collection of successful brands.

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