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You'll find Ezi-Melt white de-icing salt really easy to use.
Just sprinkle it onto steps, paths or driveways,
or pour it freely for heavier ice and snow.

De-icing salt for steps, paths and driveways
Ezi-Melt de-icing salt
Ezi-Melt de-icing salt applicator Shake Ezi-Melt de-icing salt onto ice and snow to start defrosting straight away, or shake some onto steps and paths before the frost arrives to prevent a build-up of ice.
Spreading Ezi-Melt de-icing salt is easy with its special applicator lid

How to use Ezi-Melt
de-icing salt

When snow and ice arrive and turn steps, paths and driveways into a slippery accident waiting to happen, the last thing you need is to be grappling with a big sack of grit and a shovel...

With its clean, easy-to-use packaging concept and handy-size containers, Ezi-Melt de-icing salt is quick, clean and easy to use, defrosting your driveway in no time at all. Here's how:


To clear snow and ice:

  1. Just pop open the top of the lid.
  2. Shake the container to evenly distribute the Ezi-Melt.
  3. Use approximately 1kg per 5 square metres
    (1kg per 54 square feet).
  4. For thicker snow and ice, distribute Ezi-Melt more liberally.

To prevent snow and ice:

  1. Pop open the top of the lid.
  2. Shake a light covering of Ezi-Melt over the required area, before the onset of snow and ice.


Always ensure you re-seal the container and keep Ezi-Melt de-icing salt in a dry place, away from moisture.


  • Only use as directed for steps, paths and driveways.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with plant life.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If in contact with eyes, wash with clean water.
  • If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice.
  • Do Not use on porous or improperly cured concrete, concrete less than one year old, precast concrete items, masonry, wood or other porous materials.
  • Ezi-Melt conforms to BS 3247:1991
  • Contains 99% sodium chloride.


If you apply Ezi-Melt as directed, your pets will be safe. However, during periods of snow and ice, roads and pavements are also treated with de-icing products by your local authority. Excessive sodium chloride (salt) ingestion can be harmful to pets. The following is good general advice for dog owners to follow at this time of year:

  • It's a good precaution to prevent your dog from eating snow or drinking melt-water puddles in heavily salt treated areas.
  • If you go for a walk over treated areas, wash your dog's paws, and even the coat if your dog has been rolling in salt-treated snow.



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