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Get ready for winter. The videos and advice on this page
will show you how to prepare your home, car and driveway
for winter snow and ice.

Get ready for winter
Ezi-Melt de-icing salt


Get ready for winter
with Ezi-Melt

Snow and ice arrive every winter and they're guaranteed to cause chaos. But by taking a few simple steps to get ready for winter, and by keeping some ezi-Melt de-icing salt around, you can be prepared for anything.


  1. Always be careful on ice and snow - wear footwear that will give you some grip.
  2. It's always easier to clear snow when it's fresh and loose than when it's hard and packed, so try and clear your path in the morning before anyone walks on it.
  3. Snow sticks to metal, so use a sturdy plastic shovel and move the snow from the centre of your path to the sides.
  4. Sprinkle Ezi-Melt on the cleared area to remove residual snow and ice and prevent re-freezing.


Black ice is formed when rain or surface water freezes and creates a thin, almost invisible frozen film.

As part of your get ready for winter preparations, make sure you have some Ezi-Melt in the cupboard, because just by sprinkling some on your path or driveway, you can prevent black ice from forming.


Preparation is everything where winter driving is concerned...

  1. Make sure your car's anti-freeze is topped up at the right concentration. Check your oil level at the same time.
  2. Keep a windcreen de-icer handy.
  3. Regularly check your wiper blades.
  4. Make sure your lights are working and clean.
  5. Keep an Ezi-Melt Car Kit in the boot - it's got some really usefulemergency items that you might just need. Check the Car Kit page to see what's in the kit.


If you'd like more advice about how to get ready for winter, you could also take a look at the Met Office advice page.

Stay safe, stay warm!



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