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The Ezi-Melt Car Kit contains six essential items to help in snow and ice emergencies, including a jar of Ezi-Melt gritting salt to get your car moving in tricky conditions.

Gritting salt for icy and snowy weather
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Ezi-Melt is available in 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg packs
Ezi-Melt dispenser with handy 2-way lid The Ezi-Melt Car Kit includes a jar of Ezi-Melt to help you and your car out of slippery conditions.

Ezi-Melt Car Kits

Driving in snow and ice is challenging at best. But occasionally even the most skilled driver can get caught out by the weather.

If you find yourself out in the car in difficult conditions, the Ezi-Melt Car Kit contains six essential items to keep you safe and help get you home.


1Kg Ezi-Melt Jar 1Kg Ezi-Melt gritting salt

Get your vehicle moving in slippery conditions - just sprinkle onto hard surfaces to melt surrounding snow and ice.
Snow Shovel Folding snow shovel

Tough, compact and lightweight with simple push-together assembly. Easily dig snow away from wheels in difficult conditions.
High Visibility Vest High visibility vest

If you need to exit the car, stay visible on the road - even in wintry conditions.
High Visibility Vest Fleecy gloves

Keep your hands nice and warm while you de-ice your vehicle.
Snaplight Emergency light stick

Just bend, snap and shake to provide light wherever you need it.
Instant hand warmer Instant hand warmer

Immediate heat for your hands when you've been working in the cold.
  • Stay safe when you're out on the road.
  • Get your car moving in difficult conditions.
  • Avoid getting stuck in snow and ice.
  • One compact box for your boot.

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